In this digital age, everyone is buying online.

We offer just that for your customers!

Maintain a standard corporate identity, with our, streamlined customized online ordering solutions.
Online Ordering is great for:

  • Template Management
  • Order Accuracy
  • Save Time

Websites can include:

  • Custom Site Design: Site designed for your company or your customer’s branding.
  • Users and Groups: Ability to limit capabilities to users and groups with approval control.
  • Mulitple Locations and Departments: Set up accounts with multiple locations for shipping.
  • PO Codes- Ability to order using PO codes or selecting cost centers.
  • Payments: Ability to accept payments online via credit card or Invoicing.
  • Shipping Integration: Ship products out our 3rd party information.
  • Website Security, Training, On-Going Support and more.


Using online software we can run and maintain your customers custom web ordering store for any products they continually order. From Business Cards to T-Shirts we can build a corporate store just for them.

We offer no-cost online ordering for your site and low-cost ordering for customer sites*

*Minimum yearly volume required.

Just give us a call at 315-478-0108 or set up a demo below.

Let’s get your customers online!

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