Quality You Can Count On

Hansen QP prints all kinds of business forms in a wide range of sizes and configurations

Our web presses offer sizes up to 14 7/8″ in width, any size manual cut off, and printing roll to roll, roll to fold, or roll to sheet.

We offer different forms of NCR sets:

* Multi-Part Carbonless NCR Sets (with a stub or edge-glued)
* Continuous Multi-part Carbonless NCR Forms (pinfeed)
* Continuous Single Part Forms (pinfeed bond or ledger/tag)
* Single-part (bond) Laser Forms (invoices, statements etc.)
* Multi-part Carbonless NCR Booklets & Pads (with or without wrap around covers)

We can also add any finishing work your job requires:

* perforations
* consecutive crash numbering
* hole punching
* marginal wording
* black out (or differing copy between parts)
* line glue
* desensitizing
* transfer tape
and more….

Any Custom Piece you require!

From the simplest of items to the most complex, Hansen QP can accommodate all your business form needs.

About NCR stocks:

NCR stock comes in variety of colors: white, canary (yellow), pink, gold, blue, and green. Multiple parts are attached together as a set, and each individual part has a special coating on it which allows impressions (writing or type ) to transfer through from part to part. This coating replaces the carbon sheets that were used to achieve the same effect many years ago

There are two different types of NCR stock: web and sheeted. Web NCR stock comes supplied on large rolls for printing on a web style press. Sheeted NCR comes from supplied as individual sheets for printing on a sheet fed press. (Most business forms are printed on web-style presses.)

Web NCR:

Stocks range in weight from 14lbs to 21lbs. The average set contains a 16lb top sheet, 14lb center sheets, and a 15lb back sheet. A 21 lb top sheet (available in white only) is sometimes used when a heavier weight is desired. These forms also occasionally use a heavy 33lb ledger stock (available in white or buff) for the last part. Web NCR forms can be printed up to three colors, including the front and back. Our minimum quantity order for the web NCR forms is 1,000.

Sheeted NCR:

Stock weight is 20lbs, with no weight variance between parts.( It is generally used as an edge glued set.) Sheeted NCR is an excellent option for smaller order quantities, generally less than 2,500 forms. It may also be used if the 20lbs. sheet weight is designed for all parts, or if you need an NCR form with more than three colors. All of these options are available through us.